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I will be hosting 13 magical gatherings in 2019 *New Moon Circles are open to all female identified people. There are 5 in 2019 and I am opening 12 spots to pre-purchase for $125. These spots are transferable, so if you can’t make it to one you can give or sell your spot to another woman. Each month, I will open 1-2 spots for people without pre-purchase, for $35. These will focus around sharing, sisterhood, and healing ($50 savings with pre-purchase and a guaranteed spot for these limited space engagements). *Workshops are 5 hours long and will include a vegan, gf meal. They are taking place on Full Moons, for maximum connection and power. Each one is an in depth educational exploration of a

ASK A WITCH- Body Spells

We all want to change our appearance at some point or another. Many of do this temporarily with clothing and makeup, some of us do it permanently with body modifications. Asking ourselves why we wish for the change is an important factor, but ultimately we must do what we are called to do. Hello. Do you know about hair changing spells? Does it fall under the body changing spells category? Can you tell me if someone can change their kinky hair texture to curly or wavy, permanently with a spell? And if they're harmful effects in doing so? This is so important to me. I confess I don’t know much about body changing spells. In my understanding they do exist, though I would speculate that they fal

ASK A WITCH is an advice column answering your questions about life, magic and the mysterious.
To submit , please go to the Contact page. All submissions will be kept anonymous.
My goal is to share tools and empower you to help yourself, but sometimes you may need to employ a shamanic practitioner or witch, like myself. It is better to get help then to get in over your head with forces you don’t understand.
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