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ASK A WITCH- Body Spells

We all want to change our appearance at some point or another. Many of do this temporarily with clothing and makeup, some of us do it permanently with body modifications. Asking ourselves why we wish for the change is an important factor, but ultimately we must do what we are called to do.

Hello. Do you know about hair changing spells? Does it fall under the body changing spells category? Can you tell me if someone can change their kinky hair texture to curly or wavy, permanently with a spell? And if they're harmful effects in doing so? This is so important to me.

I confess I don’t know much about body changing spells. In my understanding they do exist, though I would speculate that they fall under the category of advanced magic. We are capable of so much when it comes to altering reality, and the more we believe we can make real changes in the world, the more we dedicate ourselves to doing so, the more likely we’ll experience real results. So, I guess the question is, do you have the skills and determination to create a spell that will actually work?

I would venture to say that there are many levels to working a spell like this. First, there must be a clear understanding of what you are doing and why. Does the texture of your hair cause you extreme discomfort, pain, sorrow? Do you wish for change because of societal pressure to look different or is it more personal? This could be a simple step or it could take years of therapy to discover the reasons you want to be different than you are. I encourage you to participate fully in this step. I know that many of us use countless efforts to modify our appearances, and there is no judgment in doing so. This would ideally come from a place of empowerment, not shame

Next, you will need time (unfortunately these spells don’t usually work over night) to dedicate to casting the spell and following through with it. I like to manifest during the dark or new moon, though the full moon has incredible power and would work well also. Strongly visualize the outcome you are trying to achieve, and create an affirmation to go with it. For example “I love my hair. It is a perfect wavy texture that is easy to manage and makes me feel beautiful.” Taylor this to suit your feelings, and be sure to keep the language positive and concise. Choose a quartz crystal that feels powerful and use it to amplify your intentions.

I would dedicate a candle to this spell, lighting it every day for a month after (full moon to full moon, for example) and repeating your affirmation. Sleep with the quartz, comb it through your hair, hold it to your heart as you speak, whatever feels right.

You may follow all of these steps and not see any change. I use magic for healing, protection, and manifestation, but I’ve never used it to physically alter myself or anything else. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, anything is possible. I’ve been witchcrafting for 30 years and may or may not have the power to complete a spell like this. I don’t know where your level of magic is, but if you believe and you try, you may succeed. I can’t see much harm in attempting it, other than the side effect of lower self esteem if you don’t get the results you want. Proceed knowing all of this, and good luck in finding what you desire.

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