ASK A WITCH-Disconnect

Two similar questions came to me this week about disengaging from toxic relationships with black magic wielders. The most important, and sometimes most difficult part, is the sincere desire to break connections with people that, even though we know they aren’t good for us, hold us enthralled none-the-less. This is where it becomes important to honor ourselves, and our health and welfare, above all else. For over ten years I keep allowing myself to be "manipulated" by this individual. Every time I believe that I have at last seen him for the abusive narcissist he is & rid myself of his "influence" upon me, it seems he bides his time, to once more, inch by inch, ever so gradually, worm his way

ASK A WITCH-Psychic Protection

Psychic attacks are especially dangerous because it’s very difficult to know what is real and what isn’t, and who to turn to for help. At times like these the medicine men and women in our communities may be our only hope. Do your own work, but if the attacks persist, find an energy healer, shaman, or witch to cut all ties and weave powerful protection. This week I got two questions that were very similar (perhaps even the same situation), and since my advice would be more or less the same, I wrote a single answer. Just got back in touch recently with a very good friend that just had to flee the state she was living to get away from her boyfriend who has turned out to be very dangerous (psyc

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My goal is to share tools and empower you to help yourself, but sometimes you may need to employ a shamanic practitioner or witch, like myself. It is better to get help then to get in over your head with forces you don’t understand.
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