Whether it's spell casting, intense dreaming, or warding off darkness, be aware and be careful. There is more at work than can be seen. Is it possible to cast a spell without knowing spells or having training? The short answer is yes. We are all casting spells all the time without training, and sometimes without the knowledge that we are even doing so. Making a wish is a spell. Declarative statements are spells. Negative talk and thoughts are spells. Let me back up, and start by defining a “spell.” This of course is my personal description, I’m sure there are many witches who would add to or change my definition. Simply put, a spell is intentional magic. Spells can take many forms, though a

ASK A WITCH is an advice column answering your questions about life, magic and the mysterious.
To submit , please go to the Contact page. All submissions will be kept anonymous.
My goal is share tools and empower you to help yourself, but sometimes you may need to employ a shamanic practitioner or witch, like myself. It is better to get help then to get in over your head with forces you don’t understand.
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