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Adding to Your Tool Belt

A few suggestions for making that new tool yours

My husband gave me a travel altar for Christmas and I need some advice on cleansing it and making it mine. I think since I wasn’t expecting it, I wasn’t really ready and haven’t embraced it as my own. If I just wing it, I am concerned I will get it wrong.

Love this question, because there are so many ways to answer!

First and most importantly though, there’s no way you can get it wrong. Blessing and cleansing our magical tools is incredibly personal, and, like any other creative expression, is truly open to interpretation. Literally anything you do with intention is great, it just depends on personal style. That being said, most of us are at least a little insecure when it comes to our craft, especially if you’re new to it, so wanting advice is understandable and nothing to be ashamed of.

No matter what tool you are welcoming into your collection, these suggestions can be applied. Take them as they are or creatively adapt them to your liking. Use one or some or all.

-Sit with your altar, take some time to notice it through your senses. What do you see, feel, smell, hear? The more time you spend together, the closer you will become.

-Take a moment to set clear intentions with your altar. What do you hope to do with it? You might want to journal about this to get clarity. A great way to set clear intentions is to write a statement, succinct and straight forward, such as “This altar will help ground me with my magic every time we interact.” Speak it aloud.

-Cleanse with your element of choice. Air (smoke, words, breath), fire (pass above the flame), water (a bath or spritz if it’s safe), earth (salt, stones, plants), spirit (visualize light surrounding and permeating, place in sunlight or moonlight). You can use as many of these as you like! Set the intention to clear away any lingering energy.

-Bless with the same tools, but a different intention. This is your way of claiming this altar as yours, and filling it with your energy. Sing your intentions, sweep with a feather, dance with it, anoint with oils, cover with flowers, ring a bell, place on a windowsill, pull tarot cards and display them. If you’re feeling bold, rub some bodily secretions into the tool. Witches get to be weird.

-Interact with your new tool! The best way to claim it is to use it. Play with it, experiment, use it in rituals. The more time you spend together the more you’ll understand each other and the better you’ll resonate.

My hope with all of these suggestions is that you’ll see that there are plenty of options and no one way to go about your magic. As long as it feels good and inspired, you’re doing it right. Have fun!


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