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Developing Clairvoyance

We all have intuitive gifts, it is up to us to explore and strengthen these abilities. Trust the process and engage with an open heart and mind.

I come from a line of witches and I'm slowly working my way into the art of magick. I am clairvoyant and also an artist which has been an experience to say the least. When I'm in a very relaxed state, I can see the things I want to draw with vivid accuracy, I think It's my third eye, but I'm having trouble translating it to paper. Would working on my third eye abilities, such as meditation, help with my clairvoyant tendencies so that I could see these "artist visions” more clearly, like when I'm not tired so that I can create them, for example, at my desk? Seeing vivid depictions on what I want to draw is great, but not so much while trying to fall asleep, ya know?

Thanks for this great question. First, welcome to the art of magick. As an artist yourself, you know that there are infinite ways to express your vision, and witchcraft is the same. There is no one way to be an artist or a witch, no right or wrong way either. Ultimately we must trust our intuition and follow what feels true to us. I say this as a reminder to take any advice I give with a grain of salt; if something doesn’t resonate, feel free to dismiss it or take it in a different direction. That’s the truest advice I can give.

It sounds like you are indeed powerfully clairvoyant, congratulations! This is a wonderful super sense to develop and get more comfortable accessing. I absolutely recommend exercises to strengthen and hone this ability; it will undoubtedly serve your creativity as well as other areas of your life.

I like to explore visualizations in meditation or journey. Imagine a scene and take in the details, colors, textures, scents and sounds. Play with moving things around, adding or subtracting, and interacting. For example, imagine a garden, first taking in all the different flora and fauna, noticing the big and small plants, creatures, etc. Then do some landscaping; plant seeds, cut flowers, move that bench over there, put in some lights. Notice what comes up, how you feel, what comes easy and what takes more effort. There is no right or wrong here, and it’s important to try to do this exercise without judgement. Give yourself permission to experience it just as you do, without expectations or worry.

There are lots of fun ways to develop your third eye, here are a few more suggestions. Try fire or smoke gazing (use a candle or incense); study something (a flower, crystal, painting) then close your eyes and try to recreate every detail in your mind’s eye; draw Tarot or oracle cards and focus on the meaning in the images, see how much information you can get before you read about the card; tap your third eye (middle of the forehead) with your fingertips a few times a day and imagine it opening up; keep a journal of different ways you engage your clairvoyance; talk to your spirit guides and ask for help; meditate; sleep with crystals or place them on your third eye; and shift your eyes when staring at something to try to see the energy field around it (works best with living beings).

Above all else, engage directly with your intuition. Set intentions to grow your clairvoyance, and to reach a level of control where you can turn it on and off. Setting boundaries is an important part of life, and that extends into our magical works. You can be very clear with your gifts and ask them to respect your boundaries, it will serve everyone best if you are able to determine when and how you want to use your intuitive abilities. And have fun with it! Limit expectations and judgement, and allow things to unfold in their own time. Good luck!


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