There are so many forces that we don't understand. We must always proceed with caution, respect, and protection. Don't get in over your head! If someone takes something from a graveyard for a good purpose, be it dirt or whatever, and takes it home, would the house get haunted or would the person be haunted no matter if they move? Thank you. Interesting question. I guess the first thing I’m curious about is this “good purpose” for taking something from a grave. I know that there is a long standing tradition of using dirt from a grave in spells and rituals, but I confess I don’t have any experience with it, and from what I understand it is often used for cursing. Of course there are other uses

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My goal is to share tools and empower you to help yourself, but sometimes you may need to employ a shamanic practitioner or witch, like myself. It is better to get help then to get in over your head with forces you don’t understand.
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