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This is a dark time. There are viruses and natural disasters upending lives, corrupt politicians with dangerous power, a powerful social justice movement met with hate fueled gatherings and the threat of nuclear war. There are so many ways to feel overwhelmed, it is everywhere we look; the powerlessness can be utterly crippling. With many of us awakening to our privilege, the result can be paralyzing- who am I, a person born into privilege, to struggle? Surely, there is suffering greater than mine. It's true.. There will always be those with more pain than ourselves, and those with less. Those that are victims to society and culture, circumstance and systemic oppression, and those that are victims to their own shadow. 

It is hard to know how to proceed right now, and I don't pretend to have all the answers. I know that apathy and inaction are the enemies of freedom, but how do we find a way to feel like what we're doing actually matters? The most dangerous thing we face right now is the darkness closing in; if we allow our lights to dim, to extinguish, then we can't help anyone, least of all ourselves. I don't know how to fix the problems of the world, but I do believe that we don't have a chance of fighting if we don't first address our own. 

Power is an often misused tool. It has been so corrupted that we may feel that we have to deny our own power so as not to become the monsters we are fighting. But this is the illusion they want us to believe. The truth is that we are more powerful than we can begin to imagine. If all of us were to shine our lights as bright as we could, we would light up the world. There is a lot of darkness right now. It may seem that it will never be light again. But it will, and the light starts with you. Gaze fearlessly into the darkness, for it holds the secrets of your power. The single best thing you can do for the world right now is to fiercely shine your light, to boldly step into your power. From this place, great change can manifest. 

If you are feeling like you are ready to step in, but need some tools to get you there, I can help. 

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