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2019 Calendar

I will be hosting 13 magical gatherings in 2019

*New Moon Circles are open to all female identified people. There are 5 in 2019 and I am opening 12 spots to pre-purchase for $125. These spots are transferable, so if you can’t make it to one you can give or sell your spot to another woman. Each month, I will open 1-2 spots for people without pre-purchase, for $35. These will focus around sharing, sisterhood, and healing ($50 savings with pre-purchase and a guaranteed spot for these limited space engagements).

*Workshops are 5 hours long and will include a vegan, gf meal. They are taking place on Full Moons, for maximum connection and power. Each one is an in depth educational exploration of a different area of magic, mysticism, and witchcraft. We will get hands on learning, training, experience, and understanding. There are 8 spots available. I am opening pre-purchase, 4 workshops/ $500, or 5/$600. These spots are transferable, so if you can’t make it to one you can give or sell your spot to another person. If there are any openings after pre-purchase (ending January 20th, the day of the first workshop) I will open up each workshop for $175 each (so you are saving $200-$275 by pre-purchasing the package!)

*The couples workshop will be led by myself and my partner, yoga instructor Matthew Weatherman. Together we will facilitate an evening of partner movement, ceremony, connection, and intimacy. There will be opportunities for forgiveness and gratitude. The space is limited, only 4 couples. 3 hours, $100/2 people.

*There are 2 free, open-to-all events this year! They will take place on the Spring Equinox and the Winter Solstice. This is a great opportunity to bring a friend who’s been curious about magic but isn’t yet ready to invest. These will center around community building, with a short ritual and ceremony piece of the evening. Potluck, cannabis friendly, everyone welcome.

January 20th Walking with Protection *Workshop* Sunday 12-5

February 4th *New Moon Circle* Galentines Self Love Monday 7-9

March 20th Spring Equinox Full Moon *Free Event* Celebrate Wednesday7-9

April 5th Couples movement, connection, intimacy *Workshop* Friday 6-9

May 18th Deepening your Intuition *Workshop* Saturday 12-5

June 3rd *NMC* Spring feels Monday 7-9

July 17th Witchcrafting & Spell Casting *Workshop* Wednesday 4-9

August 1st *NMC* Summer fun Thursday 7-9

September 14th Explore the Tarot *Workshop* Saturday 12-5

October 13th Honoring, Preparing and Releasing, a Death *Workshop* Sunday 12-5

October 27th *NMC* Sunday 7-9 Witchyness

November 24th *Dark Moon Circle* Sunday 7-9

December 21st Solstice Soiree *Free Event* Saturday 7-9

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