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ASK A WITCH-Psychic Protection

Psychic attacks are especially dangerous because it’s very difficult to know what is real and what isn’t, and who to turn to for help. At times like these the medicine men and women in our communities may be our only hope. Do your own work, but if the attacks persist, find an energy healer, shaman, or witch to cut all ties and weave powerful protection.

This week I got two questions that were very similar (perhaps even the same situation), and since my advice would be more or less the same, I wrote a single answer.

Just got back in touch recently with a very good friend that just had to flee the state she was living to get away from her boyfriend who has turned out to be very dangerous (psychologically). It sounds like he has a lot of psychic abilities, and has been using them against her/to hurt her. She got away physically but I'm worried that she doesn't have tools or support system to keep herself safe from him energetically. Just wondering what I can offer to her to keep herself protected from them. She also has been rapidly waking up to her own gifts this year.

Getting rid of toxic relationship.. restraining order.. past few weeks he's attacked me telepathically.. I'm drained and exhausted..he knows of my gifts.. I'm slowly getting my strength back.. while in the woods I found 8-10 smooth sticks from 2-4 inches..I heard pick them up.. something tells me that I'm supposed to use them as protection against him but I still can't think straight.. what do you think?.. thank you

First, know that you can protect yourself psychically. As always, before you begin any ritual work, open some kind of safe and sacred space. You can do this in whatever way feels right to you-call in the directions, the elements, your ancestors, angels, power animals, the organizing principals of the universe, god, goddess, great spirit, celestial bodies… the point is that you want to ask your allies to hold space for you while you dive in deep, so that you can trust that you’ll be protected, and put all of your energy into your work. (Close the space with gratitude when you’re done.)

Take a meditative journey- in your mind’s eye, go to a safe space (from anytime/anywhere in your life, or even a fictional place from your imagination), and start to feel a light glowing in your heart. Using your breath, expand the light, letting it grow until it surrounds your body, with some extra space (a few feet) all the way around you, including under the ground-a full sphere of light. In that space, invite someone you trust completely (animals work well, as do children) to arrive outside of the circle, and invite them in. Notice how easily they can enter the safe space. Next, have someone you don’t trust arrive outside and let them try to come in. They shouldn't be able to, but if they can, you'll have to bring more strength and intention to the place in the sphere where they entered, and continue to reinforce until they can't come in. Keep the sphere open around yourself, night and day. Check in with it often, making sure that the space is holding strong, reinforcing as necessary.

I would check in with your own intuition about the sticks you found, trusting your inner voice. If my suggestion resonates, great, but if not, use the sticks for another purpose. Either way, as soon as you’re able, do a fire ceremony (opening your safe space before beginning). Light a fire (outside, inside, in a cast iron vessel…). Have a bundle of small sticks ready (the ones you found are the perfect size). Taking one at a time, run it along your body with the intention to cut any and all cords connecting you to him and then throw it in the fire, asking the fire for help in destroying the cords. You can use as many sticks as you need to feel that all the cords are cut. Use any remaining sticks by blowing into them any and all connections with him, and throwing them into the fire as well. Remember to thank the fire with an offering (dried flowers or a couple drops of oil work well). You can do as many fire ceremonies as you feel called to.

Build an altar when you’ve finished to anchor in the work. Using flowers, crystals, candles, pictures, anything that inspires you, take a table, shelf, or corner of your home and create something to honor yourself. You are strong and powerful and you are not a victim of anyone. Continue to visit your altar, adding to it when you’re inspired, and believe in yourself.

You can also find a stone that feels protective to you (I like ruby, black tourmaline, labradorite, fluorite, obsidian…) set your intention to find one to block psychic attacks and then do a blessing on it. Carry it with you (jewelry works well). Salt works too- you can sprinkle it around your home, keep a pouch around your neck, and take salt water baths. Salt absorbs energy, and you can set the intention for it to absorb whatever negativity he's sending your way.

If after all of this you can still feel his presence, find a magical healer to work with. Depending on his power and resources, you may need a greater intervention. Good luck.

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