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Hell No!

Do you provide similar service whereby you can preferably totally end or at least make a permanent rupture to someone's relationship? Especially if the relationship is not yet officially cemented and only in the pre-marriage stage? That is, fiance-fiancee stage and not yet husband-wife phase? Let me know. I might have an interest in that. (My suggested price is only $10 but you can also suggest your own price tag as well). If you can provide such service, please do answer three questions: (1) Time-frame needed to carry this out (2) Mode of payment, that is 100% pre-order deposit or Partial payment before & after order's completion (3) Will it come with any proof of task being done or completed? Let me know. As you can see, someone has been hurt deeply. Therefore, that someone wants something to be done about it. 

I’m not even sure where to begin with this question. First of all, I don’t think I totally understand it, but I’ll try to interpret what I think is being asked. Sounds like you want to break up an engaged couple because you’ve been hurt? Did you have a relationship with one of them? I’m going to go forward assuming that is the case. 

My short answer here is NO! If you’ve ever read anything I’ve written then you would know that I absolutely never cast spells on people without their express consent. But I’m guessing you haven’t bothered to read my advice and are probably reaching out to several people hoping to find someone to take care your dirty work. 

Usually I go easy on people when they send in their questions but this one pisses me off. You are so unwilling to claim what you want here that you write your letter in the passive voice. That doesn’t distance you from the shitty thing you’re trying to hire someone to do. For $10 no less! Thanks but no thanks. Keep your $10 and your desire to rope a professional into degrading their integrity because you had your feelings hurt. 

One more time for everyone listening- NO I WILL NOT cast spells on anyone without their consent. NO I WILL NOT try to manipulate someone else’s free will to satisfy the desire of a client, and NO I WILL NOT spend my valuable time doing the work that I’ve put 30 years of study, learning, and experience into for $10. 

Beware witches and clients alike. Don’t dabble with the free will of others. It comes with a cost. I know there are witches out there who are willing to curse or hex others and that’s their decision, but it’s not something I would ever risk. There are a lot of mysterious forces out there that we work with, and there’s no way anyone can know all the repercussions of their actions. So, personally, I keep it clean. I work only on the folks who come to me for my help. I work towards positive results (for example, in this case, I would suggest a self love spell and perhaps manifesting some new, unattached love into your life); and I work for enough money to support myself. That doesn’t mean I won’t offer a sliding scale (I do), or won’t occasionally work for trade (I do). What that means is that I value my time and my craft, and I ask the same from my clients. You can’t expect to get anything without putting something in. 

So, to sum up, NO I don’t offer this service and NO I don’t think you should go looking for it somewhere else. What you should do is take a long look at what you really want here. If what you want is love, then look for it with someone who is willing and able to give you that connection. If you’re looking for revenge, beware. That is a lonely and dangerous road, and will ultimately hurt you more than anyone else. 

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