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ASK A WITCH- Send it Back

Two different questions came to me this week, how to work with ancestral trauma and what is a mirror spell anyway? Read on and decide for yourself.

For most of my life I have been struggling with mental health issues that stem from childhood. I understand that they were probably the result of my hypersensitivity to ongoing negative circumstances and poor parenting: shaming, threats, and neglect. I keep struggling with these issues, partly in the form of anundesirable alcohol dependency. They are both dead now, but their influence lingers within me. I also have a feeling my problems may be the result of something that has grown over generations. Is there anything that can be done about “curses” or negative influences from people who are no longer here? Thank you!

This is a good question, and the short answer is YES, there is such a thing as curses and negative influences passed down and YES there are ways to work with it. I see this a lot in my client work; it is entirely common for us to hold ancestral trauma, suffering, curses, pain, dependencies, etc in our soul, energy body, even DNA. Science is even beginning to catch up to what medicine people have known for centuries! There is emerging evidence that our DNA changes during trauma and then that trauma gets passed along to our descendants. The incredible part that I've experienced time and again, is that when issues arise in our lives they are there to point us towards healing. Our ancestors don't want us to suffer, and they wish to be released from their suffering as well. So, when this beautiful work is accomplished, not only do you experience the healing, but it ripples back and forward through your lineage. It really is quite profound.

I suggest creating an ancestor altar (this can be anything that you want it to be: a table, a shelf, a windowsill; big or small; full of pictures or plants or stones or art; and so forth), where you place a candle (or 2 or 3...) that you visit and light everyday for a moon cycle (from new to full, for example).As you sit at your altar, gazing into the candle's flame, contemplate the things from your ancestors that you wish to release (shame, substance dependency, etc). You can write them on paper and burn them, or blow them into a match head then light it on fire, or simply exhale them from your body. Do this with gratitude for what you learned from the experience, and reflect on all that you've gained. Perhaps you can place a new item on your altar for each gift you recognize (for example, maybe your suffering has taught you compassion, or resilience. Claim that gift).This brings you into a place of connection with your ancestors, honoring, and release. It is a beautiful ritual and can bring great peace.

If after spending 2-4 weeks with this ritual you are still experiencing negative symptoms, I suggest finding a healer to help bring more closure to these destructive cycles, and release this suffering from your lineage once and for all. Good luck.

* * *

What are reversal spells / mirror spell? And what are they used for; to give back negative spell that the enemy sent them or, let's say, to reverse certain situation that's not a spell which the enemy allowed to happen to them, or both?

Let’s start with the first part of your question. Simply put, reversal spells attempt to undo something that is already in motion. This is complicated, as many events must conspire to activate a spell, and it requires the reversal of all of those things, many of which might be beyond control. That said, plenty of witches use them. There are many different types, from undoing a love spell to breaking a curse.

A mirror spell is used in a similar way. Its intention is to send negativity back to where it came from, often in the form of a curse or hex. The idea is that everything your “enemy” sent your way will bounce back, reflecting on them instead of you.

Both kinds of magic are fairly complex and advanced, because there are so many forces at work, and often we are limited in which ones we are able to see and understand. For example, let’s say that you think you are under attack, when really your bad luck is being caused by your own decisions. You risk sending further bad energy your way. Additionally, it is believed by many witches that what we put out into the world will come back on us- karma, basically. So be careful when engaging in this kind of magic.

As to the second part of your question, you could use a reversal spell to reverse a situation, but the former warning remain. There is always more happening than meets the eye, so when attempting to reverse anything you may experience unexpected, and undesired, side effects.

All this said, if you still wish to proceed in working reversal or mirror spells, please place plenty of protection and set clear intentions before beginning. This is dangerous work and you’ll want to be sure that you don’t accidentally make a bad situation worse. Good luck.

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