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ASK A WITCH-Protect Yourself

When someone is sending negativity and even curses our way, it is important to remember that we can protect ourselves. There are defensive and offensive measures to be taken, always for the highest good for all.

I'm worried about my roommate. She works in a local metaphysical shop. Recently she discovered that a long time employee is stealing, and because she is new, I believe that the thief is sending dark or black magic her way. Theres a lot of murmuring under the breath and foot stomping, which makes no sense to me, but maybe it does to you? Truthfully I’m pissed at the stores owner for being purposely oblivious. She professes to be Pagan, but am I wrong to think that “and harm none” is something she believes in as well? Or the “rule of 3”? If I am asking this in an ignorant or offensive way, I don’t mean to.

Full disclosure, I am a practicing Christian, just not of the judgy-negative name calling variety. I know there is validity and power in witchcraft, but I am at a loss as to how to help my friend since this generally isn't covered in the religion I follow. I don't discount belief in the craft, but black magic is beyond my experience. And I know that's what this is. It has a distinct darkness to it that concerns me. There was a strange object left on her workspace that she was afraid to touch.

I gave her my mother’s Irish Celtic Cross to wear-it has the serenity prayer engraved on the side that touches the skin. Lots of good juju. Is there any insight you can offer?

I think your intuition is correct and your friend might be in trouble. It's unfortunate that these "Pagans" aren't adhering to generally agreed upon tenets of the faith (ie harm none and the rule of 3). As I'm sure you realize, the titles we use and the spiritual paths we walk don't automatically assure us righteousness, kindness, compassion, and decency. If that were true than you wouldn't have felt the need to explain yourself as a “Christian, just not of the judgy-negative name calling variety." Pagans have the same pitfalls as any other faith, and the truth is that we can be wide awake or totally oblivious no matter how our spirituality aligns.

If the object is still there, have her remove it without direct contact (she could use another object to sweep it off the table into a bag or box, for example) and bury it. She could bury it in the earth, or cover it in salt in the container it's in, and say something over the object to dispel the energy around it. For example "I release the negative energy to be mulched and transformed into something fresh and new. I am free and clear, disconnected from harmful intention. Let this be for the highest good of all." More or less. The important thing is to remember to use positive language (I am free and clear vs I am not cursed) and to set a strong intention that all will happen in the highest good (to ensure that no repercussions befall you or anyone else). Smudging the area (both where it appeared and where it ends up) with sage, cedar, paulo santo, or copal couldn't hurt.

I'm glad she has a talisman of good juju. Take it one step further and intentionally bless the Celtic Cross with strong protection and the power to ward off negative energy. You can do this with a simple ritual. Light a candle, sit under the sun or moonlight, leave it overnight with crystals, or state the intention while burning incense. It doesn’t need to be elaborate to have meaning. Certain stones can also work well for protection (black tourmaline is a favorite of many). Because she is working at a metaphysical shop, she should have plenty of access. Find one that resonates and either carry it or place it on an altar (more on that to follow).

Your roommate will need to go on the defensive. Start in your home. Salt the entire perimeter of the outside, and also sprinkle some salt in doorways and windowsills. As you do so, say aloud or in your head, “creating a safe space, a ring of protection, and only energy of love and light may enter.”

Next, your roommate (and maybe you, since you’ve become involved) should take ameditative journey- in your mind’s eye, go to a safe space (from anytime/anywhere in your life, or even a fictional place from your imagination), and start to feel a light glowing in your heart. Using your breath, expand the light, letting it grow until it surrounds your body, with some extra space (a few feet) all the way around you, including under the ground-a full sphere of light. In that space, invite someone you trust completely (animals work well, as do children) to arrive outside of the circle, and invite them in. Notice how easily they can enter the safe space. Next, have someone you don’t trust arrive outside and let them try to come in. They shouldn't be able to, but if they can, you'll have to bring more strength and intention to the place in the sphere where they entered, and continue to reinforce until they can't come in. Keep the sphere open around yourself, night and day. Check in with it often, making sure that the space is holding strong, reinforcing as necessary.

She may need to go on the offensive as well, by casting a binding spell.Binding spells are most effective during a waning moon, since the intent is to diminish. It is important to remember that the intention of this spell is to reduce the amount of harm and negativity that enters the world, and not to bring harm to the person you are binding. The reason for the spell is not to bind their free will or abilities, but rather to bind anything harmful from having power over anyone. There are many variations on binding spells, though they all have similar elements. I will lay out a simple process, though your roommate should feel free to make adjustments to suit her needs and to further study binding spells if this one doesn’t speak to her.

1) Gather tools: a candle, piece of paper, pen, black thread, fire safe dish or cauldron, a shoe.

2) Open sacred, protected space. Light the candle to signify the beginning of the ritual.

3) Write the full name of the person she is binding on the paper.

4) Wrap the paper with the black thread 7 times, saying “I bind you from doing harm, harm against others and harm against yourself.”

5) Place the paper in the shoe, put the shoe on, and stomp your foot 7 times. With each stomp, say “I cut any all negative energy you have sent my way.”

6) Using the candle’s flame, burn the paper and thread in the fire safe container. As it burns, say “I cast this spell for the highest good of all. May it bring more love and light into the world, and banish negative energy from me and all who need it.”

7) Cover the ashes with salt. As you do so, say “this binding spell is complete. From this moment forward _ (name of bound person) shall only use their powers for good.”

8) Extinguish the candle to signify the end of the ritual.

Build an altar when you’ve finished to anchor in the work. Using flowers, crystals, candles, pictures, anything that inspires you, take a table, shelf, or corner of your home and create something to keep your home and yourselves safe and protected. Continue to visit the altar, adding to it when inspired.

Take saltwater baths to release any negative energy that may have already attached itself, imagining it seeping out of you into the water and then disappearing down the drain. Good luck!

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