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ASK A WITCH- Long Days, Short Answers

The summer is upon us (the Solstice is just a few days away!) and already time is flying by. There are four questions that need answering and with these busy days I need to get to them quick! Read on for my short(ish) answers.

Hi, I love your column! Would you consider a column on how to cleanse thrift shop or antiques we bring into our home?

Love this question. Sometimes objects have energy attached to them and sometimes we don’t want to bring that energy into our homes. There are many ways to energetically cleanse things, so, depending on the nature of the item (obviously don’t use water on books, for example) find something that works for you. Always open safe and sacred space before you begin, just in case you come across something powerful. It never hurts to have your allies helping you out. And set your intentions clearly.

-Smudging with sage, paulo santo, cedar, copal, or any other incense you like, is an easy way to clear most anything. Use a feather, your hand, or breath to move the smoke around every part of the object.

-Salt is another great tool in any witch’s kit, as it is great at absorption. You can sprinkle salt on the item, or place a ring of salt around it, or a bowl of saltwater near it, or give it a bath in saltwater.

-Sunlight and moonlight work well and gently. Place the object outside or in a window for at least 24 hours, where it will get direct contact with the light.

-Place crystals around the object, light a candle, and speak aloud to it. Respectfully acknowledge the energy, invite it to release, and honor it for its journey.

-For really heavy energy, try burying it underground for a few days to a few weeks.

-Anoint with essential oils of cedar, sage, or paulo santo.

-Hold it above a candle to burn off residual energy.

-Wash with soap and water.

-Dust with a feather.

Combine any of the above if you are called to, and remember that your intention goes a long way. These can also be used on personal items that need a little energetic clearing. Good luck!


Hi! I have a question that seems sooo dumb that even Google won’t justify it with an answer...I recently salted the exterior of my home, and it seemed to work! However, it has rained every day since, with the heaviest rains occurring early this morning. And poof-the person whom I felt was bringing some concerning intentions showed up at my house today, twice! So my question is...should I consider all of this coincidence or should I salt the exterior (and perhaps interior) again?

Not a dumb question! Google is certainly useful, but, like everything, it has its limitations. Short answer is YES, salt your home again. Many people salt the exterior and interior of there homes regularly to keep unwanted energy, spirits, and guests away. Salt is inexpensive (unless you only wish to use gourmet salt, which is unnecessary, but you do you) so there really is no reason not to use it as often as you feel called to. At your local witchy store, you may even find specialty salts to amplify your needs (for instance, I have a black salt from Hawaii that I use to banish negative energy and bring extra protection). If you do this, you can combine your special salt with regular sea salt to extend the coverage.

Of course, open your safe sacred space each time you perform this ritual, and set your intentions clearly. I like to also envision a bubble of light surrounding the building. Say aloud as you do so “only those with love and trust in their hearts may enter” or something like that. Let the barrier be a filter, keeping out the negative, allowing in the positive. Good luck!


Hello, I been talking to this boy since prom and we’ve been good but my mom doesn’t approve and I hate that because I'm in love with this boy and he's in love with me too. Today she took my phone because I left with him. By the way I'm 19. She went crazy on me, she’s trying to control my life and I hate it. He makes me so happy but she doesn't want to see me happy. I’ve been reading about witchcraft for the past 3 days because I want to put a spell on my mom so she can let me go and live my life. That's all I want is to live my life like my friends, they can stay out late and their parents won't care. If there's a spell out there that can help me please let me know I don't want to live like this. I just want a spell for her to leave me alone.

I’m sorry you are suffering. It must be very hard to feel that you don’t have control over your life. Witchcraft may provide help to you, but I strongly encourage you not to use it as a weapon against anyone else, ever. There are karmic rules of balance, and it is very dangerous to mess around with other people’s free will. While there are certainly witches out there who could help you cast a spell on your mom, I am not one of them.

That said, you can use witchcraft to empower yourself. You are 19 years old, an adult, and you deserve autonomy. It may be time for you to leave your mother’s house. I understand that there may be prohibitive issues here, such as money, so that is where your spells can come in. Start by envisioning the life you want to live (after you open your safe, sacred space, naturally) and write every detail down clearly. Build an altar (something small is fine, just create a space with objects that feel special to you-crystals, feathers, flowers, candles, etc) and place your list on it. Visit your altar everyday, light a candle, and read the list aloud, asking the universe for what you desire. Be sure to use clear, positive language (for example, “I want my own home” instead of “I don’t want to live with my mom”) and always express gratitude to the forces that be for helping you to manifest your dreams into reality (a few drops of essential oil on your candle is a nice offering). After doing this for about a week, on a full or new moon, burn the list and bury the ashes beneath a rose bush (any flowering plant will work) and watch the blessings come into bloom.

In many of my previous columns I offer advice for new witches. I recommend you read them and acquaint yourself with some etiquette and guidelines for this journey into the mystical. I know things may seem difficult now, but trust that you have the tools to create the life you want, without needing to bring anyone else down to do so. Good luck.


How would you know if you're cursed?

If you’re asking this question my guess is that some things have been happening in your life that don’t make sense. Unexplainable bad luck, negative interactions, reoccurring nightmares, illness, accidents… if this sounds like you, you may be cursed.

The next question is, do you have any reason to believe that someone would put a curse on you? Do you know any sorcerers? Have you wronged someone? If you know the source of the curse, the most immediate course of action is to go directly to them and ask them to remove it. Try direct and non-violent communication. If necessary, apologize for the hurt you caused, explain that you have learned your lesson, and ask forgiveness.

Chances are that it isn’t that easy though. Curses are often lifetimes old, and you may still be paying for a mistake that was made by someone else entirely. If your curse is handed down from an ancestor or a previous lifetime, there will be a lot of work to undo it. The easiest way is to find a witch, shaman, or energy worker- a professional will know where to look for the root of the curse in order to dispel it. If that isn’t an option for you, try this:

Open your safe and sacred space and set your intention to remove the curse. Meditate on the origin of the curse and ask a spirit animal or guide to lead you there. Trust what you see. When you find it, ask the curse where it comes from and what you need to do to lift it. There may be an action required; again, trust the information that you receive.

Read my previous column “Psychic Protection” for more ideas for how to keep yourself safe. Good luck.

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