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ASK A WITCH-Search the Mystery

A couple of questions from people new to witchyness, finding their own way.

I am a new witch in the process of making my first wand and was wondering if mountain laurel wood had any magical properties? It resonated with me, but I didn't take any branches because I wasn’t sure if i could use them.

Welcome to the craft! This is an exciting path you are traveling, full of symbolism, possibility, mystery, and magic. There is so much to explore and so many ways you can take your practice. In my opinion, the most important skill you can cultivate moving forward is trusting your intuition.

Making your own wand is a wonderful way to engage hands on. I have made several and I always enjoy it. Whenever I’m witchcrafting, I listen intently to my inner voice, and choose tools and methods that resonate with me.

All natural items are imbued with magical properties, by virtue of their unprocessed connection to the earth and the elements. Laurel is often associated with victory, honor, achievement, perseverance and triumph- all good things to bring into your practice.

Mountain laurel is poisonous, so that is also worth considering. It isn’t toxic to the touch, so as long as you don’t ingest your wand, you should be fine, but think about if you want that association. It could mean that your wand is dangerous, and therefore more powerful, which may be the energy you’re looking for. Ultimately, it depends on what you are using your wand for. If it’s for healing, a poisonous plant might not have the quality that you want. If, however, you are making a wand to aid in your own power, then laurel could be just the thing. Trust your intuition. If you need to, you can always have multiple wands on hand, to suit whatever needs you have. Good luck!


What is an “awake witch” or a “fully awake witch”?

Full transparency, I was totally stumped by this question and tried to do some research, but was unable to find anything about an “awake witch.” I would like to open this question up to my readers, and welcome any information and interpretations.

In the meantime, I figured I can attempt to define “awake witch,” in my own opinion. The first thing that came to mind was a witch that has full awareness of all aspects of her practice. Where does her belief system originate? Is it from her own culture, from another culture, or some combination? How does she acknowledge and honor the roots of her spirituality? Is there appropriation involved, or is she creating her own rituals? Also, how tuned in is she to her own gifts? Is she clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear feeling), claircognizant (clear knowing), clairaudiant (clear hearing), intuitive, empathetic, psychic? And if so, to what degree does she recognize and utilize these skills? What is the purpose of her practice? Is she helping herself and/or others? Does her magic reach out to her greater community? Is she in touch with her shadow side as well as her light? Does she delve into the darkness, fearlessly searching the mystery, or does she bypass the more uncomfortable aspects of her craft?

These are just a few important questions to ask yourself if you wish to be “fully awake.” There are doubtless many more, but the nature of the questions are only part of the equation; self-inquiry is an essential part of anyone’s process who wishes to continue their spiritual growth. I encourage you to engage in the search, and to find yourself awakened by the knowledge you acquire.

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