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ASK A WITCH-Unwelcome Words

Beware of dabblers in magic- their non-expertise can be dangerous! Our energy, and our lives, are our own. No one has the right to impose their beliefs or visions upon us.

Hi, I am kind of desperate here and not sure if this is the place to find some relief or guidance. I was recently given an unsolicited reading by a woman who was at my surprise birthday party (she was brought by a friend-of-a-friend) that identified herself as a hoodoo witch. I did not ask her to do this, she said "come here birthday girl!" grabbed my hands, closed her eyes, and started telling me about my future. I am a believer in these things though don't claim to be well educated. I receive regular tarot readings that are much like therapy and have been so important in my growth as a woman. I say this to demonstrate my deep respect for the history and power of witchcraft. Anyway, this woman proceeded to give me a very upsetting reading, predicting my future, including terrible hardships, single motherhood, and that I won't find love until I'm old and gray. She even gave specific details of what my child will look like and what other events may take place. These things may sound superficial but I have a very traumatic history and this is quite the opposite of the future and destiny I was hoping to create for myself. I haven't been able to shake this reading, and frankly was very upset because I didn't ask for it to begin with. I've tried to research what the practice of hoodoo is, and how much stock I should put in this "reading". I know this is a shot in the dark but I am kind of desperate. Any advice would be wonderful! Be well

Dear Be Well,

First, I am so sorry that you were subject to an unsolicited reading. That is not ok, and right away that tells us a lot about this “Hoodoo Witch.” Anyone who practices this sort of craft should have much firmer boundaries in place, the fact that she doesn’t tells me that she is probably more of a dabbler than a serious practitioner. I know how much my words can impact a person, and as such I take special care with the messages I deliver, and I only ever work with people who have specifically asked for my help. This is witchcraft 101, and people that don’t follow this simple rule usually haven’t had much training and (in my experience) are much more interested in showing off their psychic prowess than actually helping anyone.

Here is the most important thing I can say about her reading- the future is not set in stone. We are beings with free will. Yes, there are more and less predictable paths that you can take, but you are the one who determines where you walk, and the choice is always yours. The danger here is the predictions she gave you taking such deep root in your being that they determine your choices. This cannot happen. I suggest going to one of your trusted Tarot readers and asking for help with moving the energetics of this reading along. If they don’t have the tools for that, they can probably recommend you to someone who does. It is time to clear away not only the unwelcome reading, but anything else in your energy field that may be directing your path towards unwanted results. There may be some work involved, but it is worth it. Witchcraft and Shamanic Energy Healing are powerful when in the right hands, and the best practitioners will empower you to create the life you want.

Hoodoo is an old practice with origins in Africa. It is related to Voodoo, but distinct in that Voodoo is a religion and Hoodoo is considered folk magic (magic for and of the people). Just as in any modality, there are people with great expertise and people without much skill. I can’t speak to her talents, but, as I mentioned before, she clearly lacks appropriate boundaries. I personally wouldn’t put much stock in a reading given at a party, without the proper conditions set (permission, opening protected space, respectful interaction, etc), and I encourage you to try to do the same. Even if there is a shred of truth in what she saw, you are not a victim of your life-you are the creator. My guess is that she enjoys the power and drama inherent in such a scene, and probably plays up the frightening elements to draw bigger reactions. Find someone you can trust, and energetically work this nonsense out of your system. Good luck!

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