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Ask A Witch-Chakra Wellness

There is so much information about chakras and different methods for their healthy functioning. In this answer I attempt to give a basic illustration and a few easy suggestions for beginners, but there is plenty more to learn. If you have further questions feel free to send them to ASK A WITCH, or pursue your own research. It is a fascinating topic with rich cultural history.

Someone told me my chakras are blocked!!! What’s the best way to unblock your chakras? I have been meditating meditating breathing what else can I do???? Thnx in advance! Blessed Be

Dear Blessed

Simply put, our chakras are centers in our subtle body where energy flows. Different traditions honor a different number of chakras, but it is most commonly agreed that the human body has seven major chakras along the front and back of the midline: the 1st chakra, also known as the root chakra, is found at the base of the spine; the 2nd chakra, the sacral or belly chakra, is in the lower abdomen, about two inches below the navel; the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus chakra, is in the upper abdomen, at the diaphragm; the 4th chakra, the heart chakra, is in the center of the chest, just above the heart; the 5th chakra, the throat chakra, is located at the base of the neck; the 6th chakra, the third eye chakra, is found on the forehead between the eyes; and the 7th chakra, the crown chakra, is on the top of the head. Each chakra corresponds to different areas and systems in the physical and emotional body, and any wellness or unbalance can manifest itself in any or all areas of our being.

Someone telling you that your chakras are blocked is a pretty vague diagnosis. Our chakras spin like whirlpools, clockwise to absorb and counterclockwise to release. Both are healthy in their own way, depending on the need at the time. Having “blocked chakras” probably means that there is some stagnation in the movement (imagine a clogged sink) which is inhibiting the function of the chakra. I wonder how this presents to you-do you feel unbalanced, stuck, fatigued? (Side note-be wary of those who offer unsolicited diagnosis on our health. Trust your own intuition.) If the answer is yes, then there are many ways to help maximize wellness in our chakra system.

First, you must get familiar with where your chakras reside. Using the basic map I described, begin to search for your chakras. Each body is different, so you will have to trust your senses. I like to lay down, close my eyes, and scan my body slowly, with my hand hovering 2-6 inches above my physical form. Notice anywhere that feels different-warmer or cooler, a slight change in quality of the air, a sensation of movement, a tingle, or just a knowing. Chakras are a part of our energy body, so they can be quite subtle, and depending on your own level of intuition and how much time you’ve spent connecting with this part of yourself, it may be more or less difficult to trust that you are actually sensing your chakras. Be patient and keep trying. This muscle will strengthen. If you cannot sense your chakras, then just go with an approximation based on the commonly agreed upon locations, and fake it til you make it.

I like to clear my chakras when I’m in water; I imagine that the flow helps to carry away the heavy and stale energies. In the shower (or bath or lake or river or…) scan your body and find your chakras. Starting at the root and using your hand, swirl each chakra counterclockwise, imagining scooping out anything unwanted and letting it go into the water. After you finish, bring your hand up to the sky to capture light from the sun, moon, stars, spirit (any or all) and place it back into your chakras one at a time, re-spinning them clockwise to absorb the healing light.

It sounds like you’ve already been working with mediation and breath work, which is great, and I suggest you continue to do so. A simple meditation I like is to check in with each chakra in your mind’s eye and spend some time “hanging out” in that space. Starting at your root, first just sense what it feels like there-is it warm, cold, welcoming, wounded, empty, full, etc. Try to give it what it needs- if it feels dark, turn on a light, if it feels cold, start a fire. Use your imagination and try to coax it into a space that feels good and is glowing vibrantly (the seven chakras are colored like the rainbow, from bottom to top, ROY G BIV). There is a lot of information about the corresponding colors, emotions, sounds, foods, activities, stones, plants, etc for the wellness of each chakra; with a simple Google search or browse at your local new age bookstore you will find a wealth of suggestions for different ways to engage with your energy body. What this means is that you can be creative- try what resonates for you and don’t give up. If this sensation of “blocked chakras” persists, find someone who specializes in energy medicine and take it deeper. If something is out of balance you will need to address the root cause before you find any lasting results. Good luck!

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