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Hello Friends, I have relocated to Sandpoint, Idaho. In person sessions are available in this area. Virtual appointments are accessible anywhere

Shine Your Light

The Way Witch

Energetic Transformation & Intuitive Guidance
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About Me


I have been intrigued with magical healing and creation since I was a child, and have spent over 30 years in my own personal practice, studying spellcraft, card reading, space cleansing, ritual and ceremony, and more. I work with modern interpretations of universal principles: that although there is much that we don’t see or understand, it is open to discovery. I believe that periods come in everyone’s journeys when we are called to a profound transformation, and the more people that answer that call, the better our world will be. I am ready to assist in the transformation.

My specialty lies in my creativity. I love a challenge, and welcome any opportunities to co-create a unique and meaningful experience for each person I work with. 

Energy Work & Witchcrafting

I approach every session with an open mind and a full toolbox. Depending on your needs, I will use creativity, compassion, and decades of experience with magic to find solutions. This is my craft. When we are experiencing physical ailments we see our doctor or healthcare practitioner. When our troubles are emotional or mental, we seek help from counselors or psychologists. And when we are experiencing energetic or spiritual imbalances these difficulties can be met on the same level through energy healing. Energy work is not in conflict with other traditional health care modalities, but rather works to support them through holistic healing. Likewise, though energy work and shamanic healing can be spiritual, it is in no way denominational or in conflict with any other religious beliefs. I work at an energetic plane to channel healing at a profound level, where resolution for past traumas and issues can occur at the core. This opens the client up to new heights of health, happiness, focus, vitality, and empowerment, where infinite possibilities exist. Through intuition and a deep understanding we can manipulate and influence blocked energy and patterns, to release causes of dis-ease and restore a sense of balance.

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My Channel

My Channel

My Channel
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Jenna Bowers at Love, Lies, and Bleeding. Mississippi Studios with Low Bar Chorale

Jenna Bowers at Love, Lies, and Bleeding. Mississippi Studios with Low Bar Chorale

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Jenna Bowers at Back Fence PDX: MAINSTAGE

Jenna Bowers at Back Fence PDX: MAINSTAGE

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Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions are an opportunity for deep healing on a soul level. Address mysterious issues, anxiety, stress, depression, and more. Possibilities include foreign energy or entity extraction, soul retrieval, power animal connection, chakra balancing, curse releasing, past life clearing, guided meditation. Also offered to animals in distress and available to couples or groups wishing to find balance together.

Personalized Tarot Reading

There is so much wisdom inside of you, but sometimes it needs translation to come into focus. Together we can find the answers that are lying dormant with a Tarot reading customized just for you. Readings can benefit individuals, couples, bands, groups. Also available for events.


Mentoring & Apprenticeship 

Learn more tools to help with your own energetic and spiritual wellness. I offer individual training to assist you on your magical journey wherever you happen to be. We can tailor your lesson to suit your current understanding. All ages. Also available to groups.

Home & Land Clearing Sometimes our space can feel heavy, haunted, or stagnant. I can help to move old and unwelcome energy and entities so that light and abundance can flourish. A great service for a new home, to release prior energy and fill it with your own intention and vision.

Wedding and Event Officiant I am an ordained minister and would be honored to serve as the celebrant for your wedding. I offer a personalized spiritual, joyous, non denominational ceremony, and can happily assist with any questions you have. I am also delighted to work with you to create the magical event of your dreams, whether honoring a death, celebrating a birth, or any other milestones that you wish to commemorate.

Ritual & Ceremony
I am open to collaboration and fresh ideas. If you have something in mind or just wish to honor, celebrate, release, grieve, or manifest; together we can create a personal and powerful ceremony.

Free Consultations & Rates
If you aren't sure yet if this work is is for you  I am happy to spend some time together discussing your situation and what approach I will take to empower you to shine your light brighter. I can work in-person or over distance by phone, Zoom, FaceTime or Skype. 

It is my belief that everyone should be able to receive assistance when needed, so ask me about my sliding scale. I am open to trade.

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"When intuition is paired with deep wisdom and honored tools, transformation becomes magic."

"Jenna helps reignite the light within me when I am stagnant in the darkness. She also has the ability to help stoke my fire when I am finally feeling ready to take control over my life. She is so incredibly intuitive to exactly what I need to hear, whether I am conscious of it at the time or not. I get answers to so many of my questions during my sessions, but answers also frequently come to me days and even weeks after our work together. I have been going through a huge transformation this year (and such a good one at that), and the beginning of this journey can be pinpointed to my first session with Jenna. She's kind, comfortable, and just simply gets it. She truly creates magic, and gives each of her "clients" (doesn't seem like the right word because it is a much more intimate connection than simply a provider and her client) a dose of magic to take home with them after every single session to continue working with, themselves. I could not recommend someone more. For whatever your needs, whatever you're working with, if you're called to work with The Way Witch- follow your intuition. You will not be disappointed."


"Jenna is truly a gifted healer. She offers intuitive insight and guidance in the most nurturing way. My sessions with her have been very transformative and have helped me access a deeper place of peace and trust within myself. Her work is amazing!"

"Amazing, knowledgeable, loving, caring, and wonderful!!! Jenna is such a great person with such a special gift!"

"As we struggle through this human experience, sometimes we are not looking for answers or solutions, we are merely looking for guidance. Gifted with a unique perspective, Jenna has cultivated an ability to assist on a beyond-physical level using her insight, or any one of her many magical tools. Whether hoping to release some caught-up energy or just feeling lost, Jenna has a truly distinctive skill set to help out."

"Jenna has a special gift. She offered me an important and insightful experience. She has a gentle yet powerful presence that I've always known her to use for good. I could go on and on about how much I respect and appreciate what she offers but you should find out for yourself. ;)"

"This whole process has been so gentle and filled with love, Jenna - thank you for your guidance and talent on this journey.I have never felt so entirely whole, so integrated and One. I have embraced a level of self-acceptance that I never knew before. What I formerly saw as faults or weaknesses now feel like mere colors in a very rich landscape. No good, no bad, just colors. In context, as part of the whole, they are beautiful in and of themselves. They are perfect. I walk in beauty, surrounded by magic, safe, powerful, blessed beyond measure.
I love myself. A lot. This is my gift. More magic awaits, no doubt. Peace, sweet friend, and all love to you. Yes, there was a reason for our meeting. No less meaningful a meeting than to be called to become whole through the healing of my heart."

"I was experiencing intense anxiety, angst and unidentifiable emotions before a big event and Jenna came to my rescue. She quickly and efficiently helped me work through the situation with her witchyness. My symptoms were physical- I was shaking and crying- and it suddenly shifted to pure joy; I felt high. I made it through the event and we continued our work afterwards. She helped me connect with a dear friend who had passed away and was trying to communicate with me. She performed death rites for him and helped him to pass, and I received a message from him that I carry with me all the time. It was amazing."

"Since my session with you I’ve been feeling great. More energy, stamina, and good vibes."

"My session with Jenna was very comfortable. I had no idea what to expect and so was a little nervous going in, just because I like to know what I’m getting into. Jenna’s presence was very relaxing. We talked a little about what I had contacted her for and what I expected from our session. The session itself was intense, but in a totally good way. I could feel my energy flowing throughout my body and reenergizing me. Afterwards I felt very refreshed and happy and hopeful for the first time in awhile. Jenna and I discussed what she had encountered in my energy and some ways that I could positively alter my life. These things I have been practicing ever since, which has greatly improved my social and emotional well-being. This was a wonderful experience which I would highly recommend to anyone."


"Feeling great appreciation for you. I'm finding a gentle creativity in everything I do. Thank you for your wisdom. Much love."


"Jenna is skilled & intuitive with profound healing capacity. I recommend her to anyone seeking self growth, inner peace or resolution in their life. I always look forward to my sessions & find them highly impactful! She's a doll!!!!"

"Hands down, Jenna is the best person that could have married us. We can't recommend her enough. After having spent several summers watching friends get married off, we developed a good sense of what we wanted for our own wedding. We were looking for an officiant that was very comfortable and graceful in speaking to a large group, but also meticulous and detailed when it came to helping us plan and pull everything together. Jenna has these skills in spades. She was very professional from the outset, working with us to draw out personal details and anecdotes surrounding our story. She was receptive to our vision, and offered thoughtful input to create a very personalized ceremony. On the day-of, Jenna really shined. She was able to depict all the tales we had shared about our love in a beautiful, storybook way that had everyone sharing laughter and tears. We were thankful to have someone with her grace and poise to help guide us in the spotlight before friends and family. Put simply: Jenna is a natural. Don't settle for anyone less!"

"There are so many ways I could describe and attempt to define what it is that happens during a shamanic session with Jenna Bowers.  Although each session is particular to the time and state I am in, the overarching theme I encounter is space.  To me, Jenna is a gentle yet firm space holder.  I go to her when I cannot hold the space for myself to ground and settle or when I need help in giving myself the permission to be fully in my own skin, in my own decision.  The important part of my time with her is that she is the guide to the sessions more than she is the do-er of the sessions.  In this way, she empowers me to trust what I am unwilling or able to listen to when I am on my own. When we are together, I truly feel held and given the space to slow down and explore whatever comes up.  Sometimes that is an energetic imbalance or fluster while other times it has been a physical sensation in myself.  Inevitably, I leave our sessions feeling encouraged, balanced and energized."

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